Judaism Step by Step Course

Judaism Step by Step is a year-long course of Introduction to Judaism. Among the subjects discussed during classes there are:

  • Jewish life cycle,
  • Jewish holidays,
  • Prayers,
  • Jewish law,
  • Rabbinic literature,
  • History,
  • Israel and Zionism
  • Jewish community.

Payments: the course is divided into segments of six weekly meetings. The price for each segment of six classes is 200PLN. Payments should be made in cash during classes.

For further information please contact Program Coordinator, Dominika Zakrzewska – beit.polska@wp.pl; 0048 733 969 828. Till 25th August contact only by email.

To join the course you need to make an appointment with a teacher (Dominika Zakrzewska) or a Member of the Board (Marek Jeżowski) and fill in the application form.

Every participant has to be at least 17 years old, in case of Giyuru – 18 years old (except for children who undertake conversion with their parents or legal guardians).

All interested in participating in Judaism Step by Step Course on the weekends, please inform us during the application process. The weekend option will be available only if there will be a group of participants joining.