Beit Warszawa Foundation

Beit Warszawa Jewish Cultural Association was co-founded in 1999 by Severyn Ashkenazy, his son Adrian and five Polish and expatriate American Jews who wished to practice Judaism in a more liberal way than that offered by the only other Jewish spiritual center in Warsaw – the Orthodox Synagogue.

In March 2002, the association was registered as a non-profit NGO. A year later it became a member of the World Union for Progressive Judaism. In 2009, the Fundacja Beit Warszawa was registered and has today over 300 friends and supporters. Beit Warszawa Foundation believes in the importance of the renewal of Jewish life in Poland and sets the focus of its activity on supporting the Congregation of Progressive Jews of Warsaw.

Along with the 35 principles of Progressive Judaism in Poland we emphasize openness, transparency and accountability in all our activities. We also emphasize and promote good citizenship and the mantra that “what is good for the Polish Jews must be good for Poland”.

Beit Warszawa Foundation is the only organization in Poland created to attract liberarally-minded people to Judaism. The Foundation strives to continue the great liberal Jewish tradition that flourished in Poland before World War II.

Our goals are:

  • To develop and promote the Jewish religious culture and heritage in Warsaw and across the Republic of Poland.
  • To promote a society where racism and intolerance have no place; and
  • To promote understanding and cooperation among cultures and religions.

    Our objectives are:

    To build community and support Progressive Judaism by:

  • providing education for children and adults alike;
  • providing religious and liturgical activities all year round; and
  • organizing cultural activities.


    Our Staff Members

    Maria Grabczewska

    Office Manager