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Gerard Edery in Beit Warszawa on June 15-16 and June 22-23, 2018

Come celebrate two rousing Kabalat Shabbats, June 15 and June 22 at 7PM with our Cantorial Soloist Gerard Edery and members of the Beit Warszawa Ensemble.  Come join in our service with familiar and new melodies drawn from the Sephardic, Ashkenazy and classical reform cantorial repertoire. You may choose to stay for our delicious Shabbat dinner for a nominal cost of 30PLN or 60PLN for a set of 4 bought in advance.

Saturday morning service will start as usual at 10:30AM. After the service we cordially invite you to stay for our customary Kiddish Lunch.

Following lunch Gerard will lead a discussion on the weekly parasha which on June 16 will be Korach in which Korach and his followers accuse Moses and Aaron of taking power and prestige for themselves at the expense of the community. Moses defends himself against the rebels by saying that the Lord will make God’s presence known by how God kills these rebels. Then God opens the ground and swallows Korach and his followers.

On June 22 we will discuss Parashat Chukat in which God instructs Moses and Aaron regarding the red heifer. Miriam, who is the sister of Moses and Aaron, dies. Moses hits a rock to bring forth water rather than speaking to it. At the end of the portion, Aaron dies.

In all of our parasha discussions we look for traditional and symbolic interpretations of the texts but also encourage you to explore and to discover your own personal meanings and reactions.

After the discussion, Gerard will continue teaching new High Holiday melodies for this year’s Yamim Noraim. Learning these beautiful pieces and making them your own will enrich and deepen your synagogue experience.

As always, Beit Warszawa welcomes you!



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